Gas & Water Lines

Gas Leaks & Gas Line Replacement

Though natural gas pipeline leaks are rare, gas leaks can occur.  A distinctive odor is added to natural gas so that gas leaks don't go unnoticed.  If you smell gas in or around your home, take immediate action.  CALL YOUR GAS COMPANY FIRST and then call our qualified house line and service line technicians.  As a homeowner, you are responsible for the repair and maintenance of your gas line all the way to the company’s shutoff, which is usually located near the curb.  Whether you have a minor or major gas line problem, Sembower Mikesell has qualified technicians who can repair gas leaks and replace gas lines. 


Water Line Replacement

When water lines leak, Sembower Miksell plumbers can repair or replace your leaking water line.  Some homes in Pittsburgh and the surrounding Pittsburgh areas have lead in their water lines which is dangerous.  If your home or place of business has lead lines, you should consider replacing the water line.  In addition, some tankless water heaters require a certain size water line.  If you are considering tankless water heating, you may need to replace your water line.       

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