Heating & Furnace Repair


No one wants to go without heat when the weather turns cold in Pittsburgh.  Call Sembower Mikesell for all your heating and furnace needs. 

Furnace Check

We recommend an annual checkup by our service technician - especially if you have a natural gas system.

The technician will check the flues and temperature settings, examine the heat exchanger for cracks, and check the safety mechanisms. Maintaining your furnace in tip top shape saves you fuel and energy – and it’s the best prevention against deadly carbon monoxide.

Replacing Furnace Filters

Failing to check the filter regularly can be costly. Dust and dirt can work their way into the blower and coil assemblies, reducing the furnace's operating efficiency and eventually damaging the motor. In fact, more than half of service calls are caused by simple dust and dirt clogging up vital motor parts! Most dealers recommend changing disposable filters once a month, or cleaning reusable filters every other month. Upgrading to a professional-grade furnace filter can extend the life of your furnace.  Call Sembower Mikesell heating experts for furnace service and filter replacement. 

Furnace Maintenance

Regardless of the type of furnace you have, do not wait until it breaks down to call for service. A clean, well-adjusted heating system will save you money on fuel and prolong furnace life. Annual servicing is cheap, especially when compared to the price of a new furnace.

Buying A New Furnace

Oversized and Older Furnaces are wasting your money!

Older furnaces are less efficient than newer furnaces and therefore, cost more to operate.  But it's not just older furnaces that are wasting your money.  An oversized furnace costs substantially more to operate than a correctly sized furnace. This is because oversized furnaces typically cycle on and off more often than correctly sized furnaces, and cycling on and off is more expensive than running at a steady state.

The only way to know if your furnace is correctly sized is to do a load calculation. A load calculation takes into account the size of your house, the insulation value of your windows, the amount of insulation in your walls and roof, and a host of other criteria to determine the appropriate furnace capacity.  Our heating experts can do the math for you and suggest the size that makes the most sense for your home and wallet. 

Sembower Mikesell installs high efficiency furnaces that will help you heat your home for less. 

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